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MSRP $11,500

SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a budget friendly scanner designed to meet the needs of a majority of users in the industrial and design sectors.

This highly-mobile white light 3D scanner is equipped with a 300 x 200 (mm) field of view. A measurement accuracy up to 55 microns enables the digitizing of complex geometry. White light LED projection allows the capturing of an object's true surface color for museological applications. An included compact flight case fits in carry-on luggage for transportation to on-site locations. An optional rotary table can automate data collection for a decrease in scanning and data post-processing time.​

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Category:  Industry and Design


Color Spectrum:  White light

Resolution:  1.3Mpix

Scan Volume:  300x200 (mm) FOV


SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE SP is a white light scanner that is ideal for mobile, high-resolution scanning. The integrated rotary table allows the automatic registration of multiple sets of scan data.

Plug and scan – lifetime factory calibration

White structured light technology captures an object's true surface color

Compact flight case fits in carry-on luggage

Fast measurement time starting at 1 second

Accuracy metrologically tested and certified

Internal Shock Absorber (ISA) system

Get the equipment you need to achieve your 3D Scanning needs today

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