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SMARTTECH3D PORTABLE is a new 3D scanner offering rapid handheld scanning with referential accuracy. The device is fully-mobile without a computer thanks to a built-in LED touch screen and CPU.


An operator can easy switch between tripod and portable modes. SMARTTECH3D PORTABLE has an ability to scan shiny or dark surfaces.  Exporting data is easy thanks to USB slot and optional Wi-Fi Data Transfer.





Category:  Design and Medicine


Color Spectrum:  Structural White light

Resolution:  1.3 or 5 Megapixel

Scan Volume:  200 x 150  or  300 x 200 (mm FOV)


Rapid scan times make SMARTTECH3D PORTABLE a perfect fit for a variety of applications. Living things can be quickly digitized for use in the medical industry.  Large objects, such as automotive panels or bumpers, are also easy to scan in handheld mode

Built-in touch screen and CPU for untethered scanning

Full-color scans at 0.12 sec in hand-held mode

50 micron accuracy metrologically tested and certified

No end-user calibration needed

Scan dark or shiny objects

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