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MICRON3D GREEN is a 3D scanner designed for scanning difficult and complex objects. This system features the highest accuracy of any structured light scanner on the market, due to exclusive green light technology. The durable and lightweight design combined with the high resolution scanning capability allows for powerful, mobile 3D scanning away from a dedicated measurement laboratory.




Category:  Industry


Color Spectrum:  Structural green LED light

Resolution:  5, 10 Mpix

Scan Volume: 150×200 – 1200×1600 mm2


MICRON3D utilizes new green LED light technology, offering a 30% increase in accuracy over blue light and allowing the MICRON3D to overcome accuracy loss in unfavorable lighting conditions.

Exclusive green light scanning technology

Lightweight carbon fiber structure

Dust-proof filtration system

Plug and scan – no need for calibration

Scan in any lighting condition

LED projection technology for long scanning life

Accuracy metrologically tested and certified

Internal Shock Absorber (ISA) system

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