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MICRON3D COLOR is a 3D scanner dedicated to the permanent archival of historical objects based on growing demands from the archaeological and preservation markets. This scanner features the highest resolution color sensor available on the market. This 3D scanner is designed to be capable of accurate digitization of objects in both controlled in-door settings as well as on-site excavations.

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Category:  Museology & Archaeology


Color Spectrum:  Structural white LED light

Resolution:  24 Mpix

Scan Volume: 150x200 - 600x800 mm2


MICRON3D COLOR is the only 3D scanner available on the market with the ability to perform high-resolution scanning, while capturing the true color of the scanned object. The high-quality imaging sensor allows for documentation of the smallest details, such as micro-scratches and tool marks on the object.

Exclusive 24-megapixel resolution

Plug and scan – no need for calibration

Scan in any lighting condition

LED projection technology for long scanning life

Scans accurate, true colors of an object

Get the equipment you need to achieve your 3D Scanning needs today

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