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Into3D, One-of-a-Kind Part Replacement

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Parts, pieces, full-scale objects, we can print it.

Hi there, we’re Into3D LLC and we’re your engineering services company for unique 3D-printed parts, pieces and everything in between.

We were recently tasked with replacing a small camera piece for a client. Using our highly accurate equipment we were able to replicate the small part in under 24-hours. Just like that, the camera was good as new and our client was happy.

An image of a small camera part that we created in under 24 hours
An example of one of our small camera parts.

This quick and easy replacement is a great example of the wonders of 3D-printing. Think of your favorite object, anything under the sun, it can be printed.

So, go ahead and really wrack your brain, 3D-printing helps concepts, dreams and inventions become a reality. While mass-production is great for creating billions of copies of the same thing the designs can get dull and boring with little room for improvement. In a cookie-cutter world the ability to create something 100% original is truly something special. 3D-printing lets people channel their creative side, allowing for more design freedom and total design customization.

While mass-manufacturing can be beneficial it has it’s faults and limitations. From only being able to use specific molds and shapes to expensive labor costs, mass-production isn’t the right choice for everyone. 3D-printing shatters these limitations and allows for better quality results. When mass-manufacturing mistakes are removed from the picture better quality and more unique products are made.

If you aren’t intrigued yet, it’s worth mentioning 3D-printing is extremely cost-effective. The large amount of human-labor costs associated with mass-production result in higher priced products. This cost decreases dramatically with 3D-printing since labor can be as little as one person.

If you’re looking for a solution, piece or part check out Into3D LLC, where we take pride in creations as unique as you are.

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